the kids

At Bright Future Transitional Home we take good care of our kids. Because we want to provide excellent care, we only foster 25 kids simultaneously.

We work on the principle of finding sponsors for children, not children for sponsors. If you would like to sponsor a child, you can request to sponsor one of these children. We have policy as a charity that we cover the child’s care until we find foster parents. This way, the children are not disappointed. Below are children who are waiting in the house for foster parents and the ones that we have already resettled.

Note: in order to protect the identities of the kids we have changed all their names.

Kids currently living in the house


John and his sister Purity were abandoned by their father in an empty house. Investigations to locate their mother are ongoing.


Purity and her brother John were abandoned by their father in an empty house. Investigations to locate their mother are ongoing.


Baby Emma was abandoned in front of a church when she was only days old. We hope to find her a warm home soon.


Baby Ruth is under our care since her mother is incapable of looking after her. We hope to find her nice foster parents.


Queen’s mother is terminally and mentally ill. She is under hospice care. We are looking for foster parents for Queen.


Moses was abandoned by his mother in Mbarara Taxi Park. Investigations and announcements did not bring forth his relatives. We hope to find him a home.


Deric was abandoned as a baby. He was in foster care until recently. We hope to find him a permanent home.

Anthony & Laurence

The two brothers Anthony and Laurence were wondering the streets of Mbarara after escaping from an abusive home. Efforts to resettle them with relatives have yet been unsuccessful.


Baby Musa was abandoned in a slum. Investigations and announcements on tv/radio did not bring forth any relatives. We hope to find him a home.


Baby Isaiah was abandoned on a farm. Investigations in surrounding areas were unfruitful. We are looking for a home for him.


Hamuza was abandoned as a baby and cared for by a foster parent who recently requested Hamuza to be placed elsewhere.

Francis & Manuel

Francis and Manual lost both their parents. Bright Future Transitional Home is providing care while seeking suitable adoptive parents.

Kids that have been resettled


Ivan (1.5 years) was taken to the police by an elderly woman who had been trying to foster him. Ivan received treatment for severe malnourishment in the home. In November 2014, Ivan was resettled with his grandmother in and his progress is being monitored.


Edwin (10 years) escaped from an abusive stepmother in November 2014. He was seen wandering around and taken to police by a concerned adult. Efforts to find Edwin’s birth mother have been successful and he has been resettled with his paternal aunt in January 2015.


Sarah (7 years) escaped from her abusive aunt and was taken to the police. She has been with us temporarily and was resettled with her relatives.


Mackline escaped from an abusive home. Her father is deceased. Investigations enabled us to resettle Mackline with her uncle.


Baby Kamanzi was rescued from abusive guardians by the police. Her mother works as a maid only earning 10 euros a month. Bright Future Transitional Home has been providing temporary care and now her mother is able to provide care again.